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Volunteer with us. Change some lives!

Are you an ace with tools? Tech wizard? Expert organizer? Party planner? Do you enjoy driving?

As a volunteer for Marin Villages, you are at the heart of our organization and our efforts to reimagine aging and community. You help with what interests you most.

We have “direct service” opportunities to help members individually with all sorts of everyday needs, such as dog walking, getting to the doctor or picking up groceries, assembling a new TV stand, or having a friend to chat with on a regular basis. By helping with these services that our members struggle to provide for themselves, wonderful personal connections develop that can lead to lasting friendships and the creation of a whole new sense of community. 

Are you more of a special projects person? We also have “behind the scenes” opportunities to help with planning events or to take on special projects or to help out in the office.

The great thing about volunteering for Marin Villages is that we have no fixed time commitment or schedule, though we ask direct service volunteers to respond to requests at least twice a month. Another great thing is that generally you will only be asked to handle requests within your geographic area of Marin.

Greeting members at event

Of course, it always feels good to help, and feels even better to know you are making a real difference in someone’s life. But the best thing about volunteering for Marin Villages is meeting so many amazing people I never would have gotten to know otherwise! 
Cherie S.

How it Works—A Brief Technical Overview
Our volunteer assignment system is all online and available via login 24/7. Once a volunteer accepts an assignment on our online dashboard, they receive all the information they need to complete the service. If helping with a project, volunteers are often contacted directly by the office or local village, rather than via the dashboard.

All volunteers go through a background check and sign a confidentiality agreement to help protect the privacy of Marin Villages members. Drivers will also have a DMV check and provide proof of insurance.

Here’s what some of our volunteers say about their “jobs” with Marin Villages. 

I love being a volunteer for Marin Villages. I chose medicine as my career because I love helping people. After retirement, being a Village Volunteer fills my “helping” void. At age 80, still helping is my reward! 
Gerald F.

Volunteer Gerald F>

Volunteer Bill T.

As a handyman volunteer for Marin Villages, I’m normally requested to do small jobs that require a little knowledge and the right tool. The reward we receive from the joy it brings to our members is so gratifying! 
Bill T.

Come join our fantastic volunteer group! Please print out our volunteer application and either mail it to the office at Marin Villages, 4340 Redwood Highway, Ste F-142, San Rafael, CA 94903 or email it to [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

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