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Covid-19 Response

Things to know regarding COVID-19

For the safety of our members, volunteers, and staff, Marin Villages' operations in this era of COVID-19 have been modified to be in compliance with the orders issued by the Marin Public Health Office and the Governor of California designed to control and limit the spread of the Coronavirus. Our procedures also reflect the fact that most of our members and many of our volunteers are in the age group most susceptible to serious consequences of contracting the virus.

We have adjusted our operations as follows:

  • Rides. Members may request rides to medical or medically-related appointments, e.g., trips for doctor and dentist appointments, including podiatry, physical therapy, and chiropractic appointments. In special circumstances, rides for other purposes may be requested but priority is given to filling requests for rides to medically-related appointments.

  • Errands. Members may ask for a volunteer to handle errands such as grocery shopping and medicine pickups, curbside pickup of books, food to go, and other goods that can be delivered curbside to a volunteer.

  • Handyman Services and other Home-Related Services. Members may ask for handyman services that can be performed outside, or handyman services to handle emergencies or dangerous situations inside the home.

  • Other In-Home or Near-Home Services. Members may request volunteer help for gardening or lawn care, pet walking/care, and socially distant walks with a volunteer in the neighborhood (without driving to a location to walk).

  • In-Person Gatherings. Local villages may host gatherings outside or group walks for not more than 5-6 people provided members can get to the location on their own, masks are worn, and social distancing and sound hygiene practices are observed.

  • Companionship. Members may request friendly companionship phone or Zoom calls from Marin Villages volunteers. In addition, if both the member and volunteer are vaccinated against COVID-19, they may meet together outdoors for in-person companionship visits. In such cases, social distancing and proper hygiene practices should continue to be observed, and in accordance with Marin Public Health guidelines, masks must be worn in instances in which social distancing cannot be maintained. Indoor companionship visits cannot be scheduled at this time.

  • Programs. We have moved much of our programming online via Zoom and continue to offer training on how to use Zoom. We have a weekly email to members on "Things To Do At Home While Sheltering In Place".

  • Communications. We have increased our communications with members through a weekly update that focuses on COVID-19 information, as well as other helpful information on coping with the “new normal.”

  • Office. Our office in Terra Linda is not open for visits except by appointment and no meetings may currently be scheduled in the office conference room or the business office complex conference room.

Because of the proximity issues that arise in providing rides or entering homes, for the time being, we are NOT ready to offer rides to visit friends or family, to accompany a volunteer for shopping or errands, to take a member to a restaurant to eat, or to a swimming pool or park that is not within walking distance. Nor are we ready to ask volunteers to perform in-home services (other than emergency handyman services). Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis (e.g., in-home tech support to allow a member to participate in zoom gatherings), but the priority for volunteer services is given to filling requests as listed above.

In light of the continued risks associated with COVID-19, we are taking a measured, cautious approach to extending Marin Villages' activities and services. Further changes will await additional experience under the revised shelter in place order.

It is important to remember, however, that “opening up” under any new shelter in place orders is not synonymous with “safe.” We strongly encourage both members and volunteers to carefully balance the risk of leaving home or interacting with more people with the potential for serious illness resulting from possible exposure to the virus. The County Public Health Officer is still recommending that older adults continue to shelter in place as much as possible. Instances of COVID-19 cases, as well as the rate of infection, both continue to prove that COVID-19 is still a serious public health risk, especially for older adults. Call the office if you need a mask (415) 457-4633.

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