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Hiking group of members and volunteers

Check out our many programs. Let the good times roll!

Marin Villages' members enjoy coffees, happy hours, games, knitting and needlework groups, book groups, a men’s group, support groups, educational seminars, and when conditions allow, hikes, walks, lunches, and dinners on holidays for those who have no family with whom to celebrate.

Member at art event Members at Dwali Event Volunteer at painting event

We were able to successfully move many of our events online when COVID began, allowing our members to stay safely at home while still enjoying the company of their community.

Men's group on Zoom

Staying engaged by learning new things can help build friendships, and fight isolation and boredom. When Covid-19 made it impossible for our popular men’s group to meet in person for coffee, the guys quickly learned how to Zoom so they could continue to see and talk with each other, reinforcing the sense of community and connection the group has always provided.

Find all our events and programs arranged in list form here.

The same events and programs, but in a traditional calendar format.

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Things To Do List
A list of interesting ways to stay engaged and entertained while sheltering in place.

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Videos and leave-behinds from many of our programs