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San Rafael Village - Lunch Out !


Tue 05 / 28 / 2019 from 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM
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Beso Bistro and Wine Bar, 502 South Palm Drive, Novato (Hamilton Field),


Pay for meal in cash

This restaurant was our dear friend Barbara Rozen’s request, so we will be thinking of her very much as we enjoy one another’s company. 

Beso Bistro and Wine Bar is a great summer time place to eat, especially on their very inviting deck.  The menu is a foodie’s delight.  They serve regional, coastal California fare infused with global flavors in the idyllic setting of Hamilton Field, right next to the Museum of Contemporary Art, which is surely worth a visit.  Each meal is handmade to order, and the service is always gracious and helpful. 

Please bring a guest to introduce them to San Rafael Village.  Be prepared to pay cash with a 20% tip.  In exchange they will provide individual checks. 

For questions and to RSVP, contact Valerie Stilson at 415-479-1439 or


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