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Serving the communities of Fairfax, Greenbrae, Kentfield, Ross and San Anselmo 

Ross Valley Villages Transportation Services Getting around town for practical reasons and for fun

In our November meeting the steering committee discussed the benefits of our transportation services to members. Some members request transportation frequently if they do not drive and some members request transportation temporarily when they are recovering from a surgery or fall.

We began to list themany places we have driven our members: doctor’s appointments, hair salons, blue grass concerts, to work, to Marin Villages events, to friends’ homes, to the grocery store and many other places.

There are so many more reasons to use Ross Valley Village for your transportation needs than checking off your list of daily appointments and tasks.

Having broken my leg and had surgery in August, I have been unable to walk without help or crutches and knee scooters and I have been unable to drive till this week. I have had the pleasure of meeting so many interesting people who have driven me all over town for work or other daily tasks.

Having been alone at home for many days, I have been grateful for the conversations and the fascinating people I have met. By being able to get to the hair salon, I have been able to feel so much better.When I made it to this month’s committee meeting, I was so happy to be focusing on the needs of Ross Valley Village, rather than my own.

Without the drivers who came to my door, I would never have been able to get out and socialize or see friends or get my dog to the vet for an important appointment or see a movie. Ross Valley Village is here to take you to the places where you have fun, where you are cared for, where you fill your pantry and where you can see your friends.

Please call the office and request a ride today. Request a ride to our holiday party and come meet some of our many new members. Our volunteers sign up to drive because they enjoy meeting Marin Villages members and enjoy getting you to the places you want and need to go. They know that one day, like me, they will need a ride too.

Sara Robinson, Steering committee member 



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If you need a ride to an event, please call Marin Villages 415-457-4633 four days in advance.

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