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Tiburon Peninsula Village

We have a published poet in our midst! 
TPV member Stephanie Mendel has had numerous poems published. Here is one that, while written before the Tiburon Peninsula Village was started, evokes the spirit of our organization: members and volunteers enriching each other's lives in unexpected ways.

He comes Over Mainly to Shape the Ficus
By Stephanie Mendel

now in her 30s and too leafy to ever
leave the bedroom. I tell her when

he'll be here, knowing she trusts him, even
when the shaping is sometimes severe. 

We have a routine. He brings the tall ladder
up the stairs, careful of walls. I have bags ready

for what he prunes, and we talk about what's
important in our separate lives, children, 

global warming, books we're reading.  We respect
each other, and I remember my mother saying,

Try to be someone else. It took half a century

(Where does the time go?) for me to see her through

a different lens and, out of the blue, forgive her.

Music, wine, cheese
What better way to spend the afternoon than listening to good music, joining interesting conversation and enjoying a glass of wine with cheese.

This summer we have been fortunate to host a Summer Supper, a"little light music" and a music review with Patricia Stamm.

Below are a few pictures from these events:

The Music Review  A little light music  Light M

Tiburon Happy Hour


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