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We're off to a great start!

I think we just completed one of the busiest February in our history! Not only did we welcome 8 new members and 12 new volunteers, but our existing volunteers completed over 530 requests.

In addition, Diane Castro got her feet wet as our new volunteer coordinator and BJ helped shepherd the many activities happening in our local villages - the largest of which was the fact-filled 
Marin Nostalgia luncheon held 
last Saturday. Over 100 "Villagers" attended. 

I took the last week of February off and went on a bike ride through Death Valley - talk about "getting away from it all!" The scenery, headwinds and roads allowed little time to ponder the logistics of the office. Though it did help reset a few priorities.
The group I rode with consisted solely of women from around the country and Canada. We didn't know one another prior to the trip, but over the 5-day ride, we shared stories, became riding "buddies" and celebrated at the top of a few challenging hills. Spending this time away, allowed me to participate in an ancient ritual, one that few have the opportunity to practice in our busy lives, but one that does the soul good - to chat.

I rediscovered that simple conversations with no agendas can be relaxing, amusing and informative. They can open your eyes to lifestyles much different than your own, and help you appreciate the things you have at home.
And while the chat may not lead to a long term friendship, they form the basis of an easy connection.

Riding a bike is an intimate way of discovering new destinations. While tough at times, there is an enormous sense of accomplishment. So 165 miles later, here's what I've learned in my week away:

1. Take time to chat - it's easy, fun and important. Consider coming to one of our coffees, luncheons or activities. It's a great way to meet new people and just share your day.

2. Stay optimistic - those hills may be difficult to climb, but once started, you're always a bit closer to the destination.

3. It's o.k. to be last - taking it slow, going at your own pace and enjoying the ride is what's it's all about. You'll get there when you get there.

I wish you all a good March and encourage you to join us - as a member, volunteer and/or donor.

We're off to a great start!







Lisa Brinkmann, Executive Director, Marin Villages

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