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Marin Villages in the News

Published Letters to the Editor
Marin Villages often comments on articles in the local press on the topic of aging. Here is a sampling of letters to the editor published in the Independent Journal.

- Marin Villages program can help in today’s world

News and Other Websites on Aging:

Next Avenue
Next Avenue is a website from PBS stations that inspires America’s 50+ generation to live the most meaningful, vibrant life possible. Their site features thousands of articles, videos, and slideshows all designed to help you make the most of your life's second half.

Rest of Your Life
Dr. Lee Lindquist from the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine has developed a website called Plan Your Lifespan to help seniors think about the challenges we face as we live longer.

The Tech Enhanced Life and Longevity Explorers
This is a website that provides independent objective analysis, product evaluations, and explorations to make the challenges of growing older less challenging—for you or for older adults you care about.

The National Council for Aging Care
This site provides information and advice on a wide variety of issues related to aging and wellness.

Useful Articles and Reference Materials

Marin Villages

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Common Scams Targeting the Elderly
Scammers tend to target elderly people with all kinds of schemes. This guide, Common Elderly Scams 
covers the various fraud tactics that scammers commonly use, followed by more detail on each type of fraud.

Below are several resources on housing that were distributed at a workshop hosted by Marin Villages on residential housing options for seniors.
Choices for Living 2017- 2018
The comprehensive housing resource guide includes a listing of all older adult housing options, including independent, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, with a description of their services and fees.
Assisted Living - What does it cost
This is a guide to the cost of assisted living facilities in different states, developed by

Retirement Living: Comparison Matrix and Talk 
This link gives you a wonderful comparison of the different residential living options.
Top 10 Questions When Selecting a Residential Facility

Fall Prevention
Falling is one of the biggest risks for older adults and there are many articles, programs, and websites devoted to fall prevention. Here are a few you might want to explore, but we also suggest you click here to take a look at the page under this section of our own website that we have devoted to the issue of falling and fall prevention.


Assistive Devices
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